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Finnegans editorial staff has involved friends and collaborators since 2004. Several academics and artists share and join the cultural project with enthusiasm and intellectual passion. Some of them are friends, others have joined step by step, implementing their own knowledge and professionalism. It is a challenge that offers different keys of interpretation of the reality and of the artistic universe through a focused information with a “service will”, free from cultural prejudices: a treasure in the meeting with several voices in the variety of opinions, bringing to an intimate relationship between the author and the reader.

People who worked on this edition

GIUSEPPE GULLINO, Professor of Modern History at the University of Padua (Department of Literature and Philosophy) and a member of numerous academic associations. His research interests mainly revolve around the history of the Republic of Venice
GIAMPIERO BELLINGERI, G. Bellingeri is Professor of Turkish Language and Literature at the Ca’ Foscari University of Venice. His research focuses on the perception of Turkish and Persian culture in Venetian texts. He has translated major modern and contemporary Turkish authors, introducing Italian readers to the work of (Nedîm, Yahya Kemal, Nazim Hikmet,Oguz Atay, and Orhan Pamuk among others).
ALBERTO GIORGIO CASSANI, Professor of Elements of Architecture and City Planning and History of Contemporary Architecture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice.
GIOVANNI DE ZORZI, Musician (ney flute) and researcher at the Ethnomusicology Department of Philosophy and Cultural Heritage “Ca’ Foscari” of Venice.
ROMANO GASPAROTTI, Romano Gasparotti is a philosopher and essayist, he teaches Phenomenology of the Image at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera. He co-founded the philosophy journal Paradosso, is among the editors of Giornale Critico di Storia delle Idee and of the architecture and art journal Anfione e Zeto, and is a scientific board member of the journal Phenomenology and Mind. He authored the philosophy and art manifesto DIASTEMA.

General Director

Diego Lorenzi

Editorial Direction

Nicola Cisternino

Luigi Viola

Graphic Design and Photos

Nicola Jannucci


Elena Furlanetto

Editorial Staff

Rolando Damiani

Cecilia Fortuna

Anna Trevisan

Alberto Zava

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Sergio Frigo


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